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Linux gaming marketshare increases

by on03 August 2023

2023 is the year of Linux on the desktop

The Steam Survey results for July 2023 were just published and it points to a large and unexpected jump in the Linux gaming marketshare and beats Apple for the first time. 

According to these new numbers from Valve, the Linux customer base is up to 1.96 per cent, or a 0.52 per cent jump over June.  Given that figure is normally consistant with just a move 0.1 per cent or so in either direction most months the jump is statistically significant.

It's near an all-time high on a percentage basis going back to the early days of Steam on Linux when it had around a two per cent marketshare.  In those glorious days the Steam customer size in absolute numbers was much smaller than now. So if the percentage numbers are accurate, this is likely the largest in absolute terms that the Linux gaming marketshare has ever been.

When looking at the Steam Linux breakdown, the SteamOS Holo that powers the Steam Deck is now accounting for around 42 per cent of all Linux gamers on Steam. Meanwhile, AMD CPU marketshare among Linux gamers has reached 69 per cent.

The Steam Survey results for July show Windows 10 64-bit losing 1.56 per cent marketshare and Linux gaining the healthy 0.52 per cent of that. This is also the first time the Linux gaming marketshare outpasses Apple macOS on Steam.

Last modified on 03 August 2023
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