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SanDisk silent as portable SSDs blasted

by on11 August 2023

Extreme-series portable SSDs wipe data and become unmountable

The tech press is getting considerably tetchy as SanDisk refuses to comment on the fact its Extreme range portable SSD’s wipe data and become unmountable.

The problems started in the spring when users saw Extreme-series portable SSDs bork themselves before their very eyes. A firmware update was supposed to fix things, but new complaints dispute its effectiveness.

Meanwhile, SanDisk has said nothing about the recent complaints and hasn't explained what caused the problems.

Four months of complaints have piled up on SanDisk's forums and Reddit. One tech press hack had two whole Extreme Pros die on him. Both times they filled about 50 per cent and then showed a bunch of read and write errors. Upon disconnecting and reconnecting, the drive was unformatted and wiped, and he could not fix either drive by wiping and reformatting.


Last modified on 12 August 2023
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