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SpaceX teams up with Cloudflare

by on24 August 2023

Musk wants to speed up Starlink's service

SpaceX is working with Cloudflare to boost the performance of its satellite internet service Starlink.

The two companies are working to increase Starlink's network of mini data centres around the globe that could help it deliver faster network speeds to its customers.

According to SpaceX's website, Starlink users typically have download speeds between 25 and 220 Mbps, with the "majority" over 100 Mbps. Upload speeds range between 5 and 20 Mbps.

While Starlink dominates the satellite internet market, it faces increased competition from's  Kuiper, Britain's OneWeb, and venture capital-backed Planet. The plan is to have a race with rivals based on speed. Cloudflare software would improve security, although that nice Mr Putin has had considerable trouble hacking Starlink units in the Ukraine war.

Last modified on 24 August 2023
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