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Top boffin claims to have cracked RSA-2048 encryption

by on07 November 2023

Can be done with a smartphone or even a Linux computer

A top boffin has discovered a way to use his smartphone or Linux computer to crack RSA-2048 encryption.

Dr. Ed Gerck is preparing a research paper with the details but couldn't hold off from telling the world+dog about his quantum computing achievement on his LinkedIn profile.

He wrote that the QC version used here has simultaneous multiple-states logic (following ‘all states at once’), with more than a googol of possible states.

We show that the equivalence of QC techniques (with IBM, Google, and others compared with our version of QC) has been hidden for about 2,500 years – since Pythagoras.

If he has managed it the world isn't ready for an off-the-shelf system that can crack RSA-2048, as major firms, organisations, and governments haven't yet transitioned to encryption tech that is secured for the post-quantum era.

Gerck states that a humble device like a smartphone can crack the strongest RSA encryption keys in use today due to a mathematical technique that "has been hidden for about 2,500 years -- since Pythagoras."

He didn't need special materials in the RSA-2048 key-cracking feat instead of using Shor's algorithm to crack the keys, a system based on quantum mechanics was used, and it can run on a smartphone or PC.

The abstract of Gerck's paper looks like it is all theory proving various conjectures - and those proofs are definitely in question. It is likely that other boffins will want to see the math in Gerck's QC Algorithms: Faster Calculation of Prime Numbers before they throw him a party.


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