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Raytheon bags £14 million deal to make super-chips for US military

by on05 February 2024

Based on AMD gear

Raytheon has landed a £14 million contract to make a new type of microchip for the US military's sensors.

The chip will use the latest gadgets from firms like AMD to turn radio waves into digital data with more speed and quality. The chip will also be smaller, lighter, and use less power.

Raytheon Advanced Technology boss Colin Whelan said: "By working with the commercial industry, we can bring the best technology to the US defence on a faster scale. Together, we will make the first chip that has the newest way of connecting - which will give new abilities to our soldiers."

This multi-chip package will be created with the latest in industry-standard die-level interconnect ability, enabling individual chiplets to reach their peak performance and achieve new system capabilities in a cost-effective and high-performance way. It's designed for compatibility with Raytheon's scalable sensor processing requirements.

Chiplits from other firms will be put on a base made by Raytheon in Lompoc, California. The deal will be run by the National Security Technology Accelerator and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division in Indiana.

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