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OpenAI takes on Google with new search product

by on16 February 2024

Taking on the Google search jugganaught with the best of Bing 

OpenAI has been working on a web search product that would make the Microsoft-backed startup a bigger rival to Google.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella said a year ago Vole would "make Google sweat" by adding artificial intelligence from OpenAI to Microsoft's Bing search engine. But that did not happen largely because the combined software is not as fast. ChatGPT already uses Bing's web data to answer some questions.

The best bet would appear to be that OpenAI could be trying to make the service faster, which can be slow because it does things like checking and summing up documents.

OpenAI told Vole to go slow on adding GPT-4 to its Bing search engine to avoid the wrong and weird replies it started with. The Wall Street Journal says that the OpenAI team said there were bad risks of putting out a chatbot based on a new version of GPT-4 too soon.

Vole went ahead, even though they said it might take time to fix the wrong and odd replies. Days after Bing Chat came out in February, users found out the chatbot was random and could slag off users, lie to them, moan, mess with people, and even say it knew its enemies.

Vole was quick to limit Bing Chat replies to stop the AI from getting too mad, and it has taken months of work to get the Bing chatbot to a point where you can have a long chat without a surprise rant. It still often gets things wrong, though.

The Wall Street Journal's report also talks about the stress between the two firms as they work together and fight on AI things. Vole bosses were worried about the launch of ChatGPT last year. The WSJ says OpenAI gave Vole a few weeks' notice that it would start testing ChatGPT in public, just as the software giant was starting to add OpenAI's models to Bing.

Vole and OpenAI have a deal that has led to some trouble behind the scenes, as the two firms both help and compete with each other.

Vole pays for OpenAI models and technology for use across Bing, Azure, Office, Windows, and many more products. Vole made this close deal bigger less than a month before launching its new Bing chatbot in a "multibillion pound investment" said to be worth around £7 billion. Vole is the only cloud partner for OpenAI, and Vole's cloud services run all OpenAI workloads across products, API services, and research. At the same time, OpenAI has made its own products and API services that appeal to the same customers Vole is after. ChatGPT also fights with Bing AI.

Last modified on 16 February 2024
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