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Chipzilla bags a big deal with Vole

by on22 February 2024

An alliance made in a Japanese film lot 

Intel has landed a contract to make custom chips for the software King of the world, Microsoft.

Chipzilla has scored a significant coup by getting Vole as a customer for its bespoke chip business, marking a key win for a bold comeback plan under boss Pat Gelsinger.

Vole plans to use Chipzilla's 18A manufacturing technology to make a new chip that the software maker cooked up in-house, the two companies said at a bash on Wednesday.

They didn't name the product, but Vole recently revealed plans for a computer processor and an artificial intelligence booster.

Chipzilla has been trying to show it can compete in the foundry market, where companies make custom chips for clients. It's a big change for the semiconductor trailblazer, which once had the world's best chipmaking facilities and kept them to itself.

These days, Chipzilla is racing to catch up with companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which leads the foundry industry.

Vole, meanwhile, is looking to secure a steady supply of semiconductors to power its data-centre operations -- especially as demand for AI grows. Making its chips also lets Vole tweak the products to its specific needs.

Volish boss Satya Nadella said that he needed a reliable supply of the most advanced, high-performance, high-quality semiconductors. That was why he was so chuffed to work with Chipzilla.

Last modified on 22 February 2024
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