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Nvidia boss says kids don't need to code

by on27 February 2024

Focus on making stuff instead

Nvidia boss Jensen Huang has gone against the grain of tech bosses telling youngsters to learn how to code.

Huang said that programming is not a key skill even at this early stage of the AI revolution. With coding done by AI, Huang said humans can focus on more useful things like biology, education, making stuff, or farming.

He said that for the last decade, almost everyone who sits on a stage would tell you it is vital that your kids learn computer science or learn how to program, and in fact, it's almost the opposite.

“It is our job to make computing technology so that nobody has to program and that the programming language is human; everyone in the world is now a programmer,” he said.

“This is the miracle; this is the miracle of artificial intelligence. For the first time, we have closed the gap. The technology divide has been closed, and it's the reason why so many people can use artificial intelligence. It is the reason why every government, every industry event, every company is talking about artificial intelligence today. Because for the first time, you can imagine everyone in your company being techy,” Huang said.

He added the technology lead of other countries has now been reset. The countries, the people that know how to solve a problem in digital biology, or in teaching young people, or in making stuff or in farming, those people who know their stuff now can use technology that is ready.

“You now have a computer that will do what you tell it to do to help speed up your work, to boost your output, to make you more efficient. And so, I think that this is just a great time,” Huang enthused.

He said that the impact was huge, and people needed to act and make the most of the technology is right now. Using AI is a lot easier now than at any time in the history of computing.

“We must train everyone, and the training process, I believe, will be fun and surprising to realise that this computer can do all these things that you're telling it to do and doing it so easily,” he said.

We are uncertain if Huang has attempted to code a computer using AI yet. We do know that AI is a long way from being ready for the sort of vision he claims. It is probably not a good idea to ditch your Java course for GCSE metalwork yet.


Last modified on 27 February 2024
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