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Chipzilla accelerates its AI PC Acceleration programme

by on27 March 2024

New kits for developers

Chipzilla is on a mission to supercharge its AI PC Acceleration programme, unveiling a suite of new toolkits and devkits tailored for the AI software and hardware developer community.

Launched on 23 October, the AI PC Acceleration programme was conceived to forge connections between hardware vendors and software developers, using Intel's resources and expertise to cultivate a more expansive AI-driven ecosystem.

Now, Chipzilla is setting its sights on amplifying the impact of AI applications and software, aiming to infuse AI into 100 million Intel-powered AI PCs by 2025.

The revamped AI PC Developer Programme is Chipzilla's latest offering. It provides developers with a plethora of tools, workflows, AI-deployment frameworks, and developer kits. This initiative enables developers to harness the power of the latest Neural Processing Unit (NPU) embedded within Intel's Meteor Lake Core Ultra series processors.

Moreover, Chipzilla is rolling out centralised resources, including toolkits, documentation, and training, to empower developers to fully exploit their software and hardware alongside the technologies associated with Meteor Lake and beyond, thereby boosting AI and machine learning application performance. The developer fraternity already widely embraces these resources, including Intel's open-source OpenVino.

This centralised resource platform is meticulously designed to refine the AI development process, rendering it more streamlined and efficacious for developers to weave AI capabilities into their applications. It's poised to play a pivotal role in Intel's strategy to not only propel AI technology forward but also to render it more accessible and versatile for a myriad of real-world applications.

Significantly, this initiative represents a dual thrust in the software and hardware realms. Intel does not just want more software developers to tap into its  AI resources; it also seeks to enlist independent hardware vendors (IHVs). While OEMs and system assemblers are predominantly aligned with Microsoft's Windows certification prerequisites, Chipzilla is eager to engage individual parts vendors. Intel said that the quest to discover how AI can elevate audio, display, and storage performance is at the forefront of its work. .

Chipzilla Client Software Ecosystem Enabling Vice President and General Manager Carla Rodriguez said: "We have made great strides with our AI PC Acceleration Programme by working with the ecosystem. Today, with the addition of the AI PC Developer Programme, we are expanding our reach to go beyond large ISVs and engage with small and medium-sized players and aspiring developers… We aim to drive a frictionless experience by offering a broad set of tools, including the new AI-ready Developer Kit."

Last modified on 27 March 2024
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