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Huawei pitches clouds for SMBs

by on03 April 2024

Cloud Revolution for the workers

Huawei says its latest offering, HECS X, will shake up cloud computing for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

The Chinese outfit said its cloud will offer SMBs unparalleled flexibility and power. Scheduled for an April 2024 launch, the HECS X is touted as a more dynamic iteration of its predecessor, the HECS L.

Huawei's Cloud Operations Jet Liu describes the HECS X as the 'star product' of the lineup. It is designed for 'flexible computing' and is equipped with the powerful Alkaid. This enables distributed scheduling across a vast network of servers, providing SMBs with a competitive edge.

The HECS X, currently available in public beta, offers over 100 customisable specifications. It delivers twice the performance of other instances at the same specs, swiftly gathers performance metrics, detects quality of service degradation, and seamlessly migrates applications. This ensures optimum computing capacity a staggering 95 per cent of the time, setting a new standard in cloud computing.

Huawei's cloud wizardry extends further with AI optimisation, which the company claims will provide a six-fold performance boost using the Huawei Cloud EulerOS. And forget about disruptive upgrades - the HECS X supports live migration without needing VM restarts, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

To bolster its SMB product arsenal, Huawei is also rolling out new containers and databases, cementing its commitment to empowering SMBs in the digital age.

Jet Liu said: "Our upcoming product portfolio promises a lightweight experience for all. We're not just stopping there - we're offering partners a whopping 70 per cent increase in MDF and assigning dedicated PSAs to double partners' revenue. And that's not all - our expert team will be on hand to assist with go-to-market efforts, ensuring our partners soar to new heights. With Phecda, our data intelligence platform, partners will have the ultimate growth insight engine at their fingertips."

Last modified on 03 April 2024
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