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Apple's Titanic trouble

by on05 April 2024

More than 700 about to be let go

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that there are instead a lot of members of his sect who are surplus to requirements after all.

Despite CEO Tim Cook's initial stance, the recent layoffs at Apple, particularly in the context of 'Project Titan' car vapourware and the dimming of microLED dreams, have sent shockwaves through the company, affecting more than 700 employees.

The word on the street is that Apple's been handing out WARN notices like they're going out of style, all thanks to a tech hiccup that's turned the next-gen Apple Watch Ultra into an OLED-only affair. That's right, no fancy new screens for you!

The bean counters at LuxVue, the microLED maestros Apple gobbled up back in 2014, now see their numbers slashed by 58. Why? because making those panels was about as cost-effective as burning cash for winter warmth.

In San Diego, Siri is getting a bit too sassy, and Apple's response? Cut 120 jobs from the team and teach her manners. Tough times indeed.

Jobs Mob still has jobs in Texas, where it finds costs and the legal system is easier, so it might be that some of the 700 might head out there.

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