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Apple in trouble with British courts

by on15 April 2024

Attempts to dodge €1 billion law suit thrown out

Fruity cargo cult Apple’s cheeky bid to dodge a lawsuit worth nearly €1 billion has been chucked out by the beak.

Apple has been ordered to face the consequences of its actions, as it stands accused of exploiting over 1,500 UK-based developers with its exorbitant commission fees.

Sean Ennis, a competition law professor who has launched a legal offensive against Apple, is leading the charge. He accuses the tech giant of pocketing up to 30 percent in commissions, and his legal team argues that Apple has been monopolising the app market with its control over iPhones and iPads.

But get this: Apple's been feeling the heat from the bigwigs in the U.S. and Europe, all riled up over the dosh it demands from third-party developers. Apple's defence? A whopping 85 per cent of its App Store developers don't cough up a penny in commission.

Eurocrats have put the squeeze on Apple, forcing them to let users snag apps from other haunts, not just their own gilded App Store. And back in the land of the free, they've had to rejig their App Store dealings after a scrap with Epic Games, the brains behind "Fortnite."

In the courtroom scrum, Apple's mouthpiece, Daniel Piccinin, tried to play a blinder, arguing that UK devs can't moan unless they've been stung by the UK App Store. But Judge Andrew Lenon wasn't having any of it, batting away Apple's play and declaring that Ennis' crew might have a point.

And that's not the end of Jobs’ Mob’s woes. They're also in the dock over dodgy iPhone batteries, with around 24 million users crying foul.

Jobs' Mob is digging its heels in, ready to battle both cases, but don't expect any courtroom fireworks before 2025.

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