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Apple’s RAM scam

by on19 April 2024

8GB just doesn't cut It

The fruity cargo cult Apple is at it again. They're pushing 8GB of RAM on their entry-level Macs, telling us it's "suitable for many tasks," like surfing the net, watching videos, and even "light" video and image editing.

To make sure that its Apple fanboys stick to this 8GB limit all MacBook Airs, the Mac Mini, and the MacBook Pro 14 are stuck with this measly 8GB RAM that's soldered onto the motherboard, so no chance of a boost later on.

Apple users, when they come to the realization that 8GB is insufficient, are met with an exorbitant $ 200 charge from Jobs' Mob to upgrade their gadgets to 16 GB. This is a stark contrast to the experience of PC owners, who know that an 8GB upgrade is a mere pittance.

At PC Gamer, Jeremy Laird is not swayed by Apple's tactics. He points out, "That might have been acceptable if not for the fact that Apple charges a ludicrous $200 to upgrade any of those machines from 8GB to 16GB."

Laird's stance is clear-even if an 8GB Mac can handle the basics, it's still not up to par.

Why? Because a Mac with just 8GB can struggle even with basic tasks like web browsing. For instance, Chrome users are well aware of its memory consumption. Laird, with about 15 tabs open, is already seeing three tabs using over 500MB each. While a normal PC would have no problem with this, a person I am working with has 153 tabs open on her PC, Macs tend to clutch their chest and stagger about like an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping.

What is ironic is that Laird's currently on a 16GB MacBook Air, using a whopping 12.5GB of memory with nothing but Chrome open. He reminisces about the bad old days with an 8GB Apple silicon Air, calling it a "nightmare" that was always gasping for memory just doing basic web browsing.

The big miss, according to Laird, is that while everyone's nattering that 8GB isn't enough for the heavy lifting, they're glossing over the fact that it's not even up to snuff for a spot of web surfing.

Jobs' Mob's 8GB RAM might as well be a paperweight for modern computing needs.

Last modified on 19 April 2024
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