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Intel 3nm production going hell for leather

by on19 June 2024

Leixlip flat out

Intel has announced that its 3nm technology is now being produced in large volumes at its Leixlip facility. There, it manufactures Xeon 6 processors and provides foundry wafers to its clients.

The company touts that this process offers up to 18 per cent improved performance for the same power consumption for an entire processor core, along with an array of metal interconnect options, and achieves up to 10 per cent higher density compared to the Intel 4 process.

Intel Vice President of Foundry Technology Development Walid Hafez told Electronics Weekly "Such progress marks a full generation of performance enhancement within a single year."

According to Hafez, the company's ambitious goal to introduce five process nodes over four years (5N4Y) is now nearing completion.

The Intel 3 technology comes in several flavours:

Intel 3-T: which expands on the foundational process by incorporating through-silicon vias (TSVs) for 3D-stacking applications, such as image processing, high-performance computing, and AI, where it's essential to integrate multiple computing and memory components within a single package.

Intel 3-E: which introduces a set of I/O for external interfaces, along with analogue and mixed-signal capabilities.

Intel 3-PT: This amalgamates all the others and further enhances performance. It also improves design simplicity and includes support for finer-pitch 9um TSVs and hybrid bonding techniques for denser 3D stacking.

Intel 3 is engineered to be a durable node for foundry customers, with ongoing advancements in technology features and performance to cater to diverse design and product needs.

"We are fulfilling our commitment to consistent progress in line with our 5N4Y strategy, and we're setting the stage for the next leap to RibbonFET and the angstrom era with the upcoming introduction of the Intel 20A and Intel 18A process nodes," Hafez affirms.

Last modified on 19 June 2024
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