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AMD beats Intel on brand recognition

by on10 July 2024

Eight out of ten cats have heard about it

AMD has made a significant leap in brand recognition, surpassing industry giants like Intel, Texas Instruments, and Samsung.

According to Kantar's BrandZ Most Valuable Brands report for 2024, AMD's strategic use of AI advancements has resulted in a 53 per cent increase in brand growth since 2023, placing it 41st on the list.

In the Business Technology and Services Platforms category of the report, AMD's brand value soared to $51.86 million, reflecting its standalone brand recognition.

This valuation is based on a formula that multiplies the company's financial value by its brand contribution, which Kantar defines as the portion of financial value derived from the brand's ability to boost purchase volume.

Kantar attributes AMD's success to its AI and spatial computing technologies innovation. This mirrors the trend seen with Nvidia, which reported a 178 per cent growth due to similar technological advancements. AMD and other top risers have significantly benefited from these technological strides.

While AMD has seen substantial growth, Intel's brand has grown by a more modest 29 per cent since 2023, moving up to the 48th position. Intel's recent rebranding efforts, including a logo change and the discontinuation of familiar names like Pentium and Celeron, have met with mixed reactions.

The tech industry was not among the top risers in Kantar's 2023 report, dominated by telecommunications, food and beverage, and luxury brands. However, AMD broke this trend by entering the Top 10 Risers list, which technology-related brands predominantly occupy.

Kantar's list features the usual suspects at the top of its list: Jobs’ Mob, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and McDonald's, in that order. Nvidia is also in close pursuit, ranking sixth.

Last modified on 10 July 2024
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