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Galaxy Tab price too high

by on21 October 2010

Not going to hit Apple hard enough
Analysts have warned that the so called Apple iPad killer is priced too high to do Jobs' Mob any damage.

Verizon Wireless, wants to flog Samsung's Galaxy Tab for $30 less than Apple iPad - 599.99. Verizon starts selling the Wi-Fi version of the iPad later this month for $629.99, including an accessory that allows users to connect its network.

Current Analysis analyst Avi Greengart said the Verizon Tab's price is daft as punters will view iPad as a better product. Greengart told Reuters that competitors coming into the market have to offer something better, different or cheaper. He said that the Tab had to be sold at a price tag of less than $400 to be in the running.

While the Tab has advantages over the iPad, including a camera, support for Adobe Systems' Flash technology and the fact it is more portable, Apple's strong brand name, was on the market first, and its bigger selection of applications. Greengart said that the smaller screen, while easier to carry, should also make the Tab cheaper than an iPad.

All is not lost though. Samsung is letting each operator set their own pricing for the Tab, so Verizon's price could potentially be undercut by rivals.

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