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Nvidia mobile 500 generation is DX11, CES

by on17 December 2010

Some 20 + percent faster than GTX 400M
The leader of Nvidia's mobile 500 series in the mainstream and performance market is based on the upcoming GF114 chip. Yes, this is the same chip that you will see early in 2011 as the Geforce GTX 560 in its desktop version. We received confirmation that a mobile version of GTX 5x0 is scheduled to appear at next year's CES. 

We don’t know the brand but we suspect that Nvidia plans to continue the tradition and launch GTX 560M where M stands for Mobile of course.

The GF114 was already mentioned by us as “Geforce 475” but you can clearly guess that it will get renamed to GTX 560 in the desktop market as Nvidia is over with GTX 400 series branding and wants to put it behind.

We don’t want to repeat all that we said back in November but we can tell you that the chip has 384 shaders and the GF114 core contains 64 texture address units and 512 texture filtering units. The number of SFUs is 64. The current Geforce GTX 460M has 336 shaders.

Nvidia just announced here that it has 200 design wins for Sandy Bridge notebooks and we are sure that many of them will be GTX 500 series based, but still have in mind that notebook buys are slow in adopting new chips and there might be quite a few GTX 400 series based Sandy Bridge notebooks.

It all launches at CES, January 5th is Nvidia’s big press conference and we should be there for you. We suspect that the Geforce 500 mobility launch will also take place at CES press conference on January 5th 2011.

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