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President Obama gets an iPad 2

by on30 May 2011

Gift from the Polish Prime Minister
Although he already has an iPad 2 and didn’t really need to go across the pond to get it, the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk now gave the US President Barrack Obama an iPad 2 packed with Polish movies, games and other goodies.

Apparently, the iPad 2 contains Tomasz Baginski’s Oscar nominated movie ‘Cathedral’, a digitally recreated aerial panorama of WWII-devastated Warsaw and some other stuff. To top it off, there’s ‘The Witcher 2’, a game made in Poland.

Unfortunately, talking about world leaders throwing iPads around made us think about the explosions and suicides in Foxconn’s factories. Perhaps when Obama visits China, they could give him their version of the iPad 2, filled up with photos of dead workers in aluminium polishing facilities, fun videos of assembling safety nets to prevent suicides and jolly pictures of the families of the deceased.

Last modified on 30 May 2011
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