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Microsoft demos Windows 8 on Tegra

by on10 January 2012

CES 2012: Next big leap for tablets

Asus just finished its presentation of a $249 Tegra 3 tablet, so it's safe to say it was a tough act to follow. However, in comparison to Microsoft’s appearance at the Nvidia stage, Asus resembled an opening act for the Rolling Stones.

Microsoft’s Aidan Marcus showed off a working Windows 8 demon on a Tegra 3 tablet and this is probably the best glimpse of the future we are likely to see at this year’s CES. We don’t have that many details to report, which is hardly surprising since Windows 8 is still months away from hitting the market, but analysts expect it will give Android and iOS a run for their money.

Microsoft seems to be paying a lot of attention to its new market, which will be available in more than 100 language and offer an array of free and paid apps as soon as Windows 8 devices are ready for prime time. The developer platform is said to be very flexible, but at this early stage it’s pretty hard to say anything more than that.

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