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Nexus 7 2 benched in full frontal nudity leak

by on24 July 2013

1920x1200 screen, APQ 8064

The new Nexus 7 is just days, if not hours away from launch and now we finally have the full spec. Android Police managed to get their paws on a sample and ran it through a bunch of benchmarks.

The device is based on a Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor, which we already knew and reported last week. It has 2GB of RAM and the sample in question had 32GB of storage, although we’re willing to bet that a 16GB version will be available as well.

The screen sounds very impressive. It is still a 7-incher, but the resolution has been bumped up to 1920x1200, which is somewhere near 320ppi. This is better than Retina iPads and most high-end Android tablets.

As for the bench results, they look a lot like what you’d get on a Nexus 4. After all the new Nexus 7 has the exact same processor as the Nexus 4, but it does have to handle more pixels. It scores about 19,000 in Antutu, faster than the Nexus 4, but slower than the HTC One (Snapdragon 600).

Quadrant was more of the same, as the Nexus 7 scored 5500 points, while the HTC One hits 11000. In 3DMark it scores 7188, beating the Nexus 4 which ends up at 6300. The HTC One still comes out on top. However, it ends up a lot faster than the old Nexus 7.

All things considered, it looks like a decent upgrade, especially on the display front. Although the new chip can’t keep up with 2013 vintage SoCs, it is still much faster than the Tegra 3. It’s more than enough for Google to keep its cheap and cheerful crown, as the competition really doesn’t have anything that comes close to the price/value ratio or the screen resolution.

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