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Surface Pro copied Apple too much

by on30 May 2017

Not the design –  the gouging of users

While Microsoft makes a Surface Pro which is far better than Apple products, the software giant has copied Jobs’ Mob’s marketing and price gouging antics.

One website pointed out that if Microsoft sold cars like it’s trying to sell its Surface Pro (2017), it would charge extra for wheels—and would be laughed out of the market.

Vole is flogging its new Windows tablet as a “laptop”. Devices chief Panos Panay calls the Surface Pro it a “laptop” three times in his blog.

But the Pro does not ship with a keyboard, which you have to pay $129 to $159 extra to obtain. In fact, you have to buy a mouse and a pen too. So, if you want your Surface Pro tablet to become a laptop you have to pay $340 more.

If you buy the cheapest $799 Core m3 Surface Pro, you’ll still have to pay an additional $129 to $159 for a Type Cover keyboard to make it into a “laptop”.

This sort of thing is exactly what Steve Jobs used to do. Microsoft knows the tablet market is doomed. However, the PC market is showing some signs of recovery so it is repitching something which is doomed for something better. The only problem is that it is charging an arm and a leg for it. 

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