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Intel to have one more Radeon adventure

by on30 November 2017

10nm Intel part

Kaby Lake G might not be the only flirtation between Intel and AMD (RTG), there are some future parts in the pipeline,  too.

R22 Kaby Lake G is not a one time phenomenon and there is a roadmap. Currently Intel is working with AMD on future parts, but it will be quite some time until the refreshed part. It might be more than just a few quarters until you see the successor to Kaby Lake G, but our sources are confident that this will have a 10nm Intel CPU inside, but it is unclear if the graphics will support Vega or the Navi architecture.

Time to market might imply that Intel might be going after a Navi 7nm graphics part, but this is not something our publicity shy well-placed sources are ready to confirm or deny. It could be the Ice Lake G architecture based part,  as Kaby Lake G is the only 14nm component that will arrive for performance notebooks in 2018.

Everyone got focused on the fact that Intel has announced its discrete graphic solution, but as many of you know, this will take a few years to materialise. Until then, Intel has to use RTG (Radeon Technology Group) - or let's just call it what it is - AMD’s graphics.

The key goal for Intel is to put some pressure on Nvidia as Intel is envious of all the attention that Nvidia has with significant growth in the gaming market, AI and even crypto currency.  Intel would love these margins that are only possible with the Xeon – server/cloud market.

Last modified on 30 November 2017
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