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GTI and Sensory accelerate biometrics by 4X

by on20 December 2019

Enhanced AI Biometric Access on Edge Devices

Gyrfalcon Technology inc, GTI announced a partnership with AI solution provider Sensory to deliver low latency, high reliability embedded, machine learning capabilities on edge devices.

Utilizing Sensory’s larger, higher-performance TrulySecure biometric AI models, Gyrfalcon’s AI acceleration technology increases biometric recognition performance by a factor of 4 – providing users accurate, instant verification or authentication.

GTI has been involved with the development of the first AI chip since 2017 and the recent announcements with a partnership with top tier headset manufacturer are proving that the company is heading in the right direction.

Since its launch, the company has brought to production three other neural network acceleration technologies, including the Lightspeeur 2803S AI acceleration processor that provides the industry benchmark of 24 TOPS/W for high performance at low power. Customers have been designing GTI AI Accelerator chips into their edge AI devices, and earlier in October, LG announced using one in the new Q70 Smartphone to enable premium image and video features at an affordable price point.

Mainstream and entry-level products are very cost-aware, and saving every dollar on the design counts. Getting 24 TOPS/W in a headset environment is a massive success without having to buy the costly top of the line SoC.

The right algorithm does the job  

Sensory focus on improving user experiences through embedded machine learning. It combines voice, vision and natural language processing. The company pioneered using neural network approaches for embedded speech recognition for consumer electronics with a well-engineered and patented codebase that has shipped in over 2 billion consumer products.

Sensory has recently perfected an algorithm that significantly benefits from the low latency and high reliability that can be harnessed on the GTI AI Accelerator chip portfolio, with an implementation that can recognize legitimate user faces with the highest levels of accuracy.

“Sensory’s face and voice biometrics have been implemented in many dozens of products that have shipped in billion-plus unit quantities. We have had lots of real-world feedback, and a key focus for improving our TrulySecure technology has been delivering faster performance on lower-cost hardware,” said Todd Mozer, Sensory’s CEO. “Our TrulySecure solution can run up to four times faster and provide a larger, more accurate model thanks to GTI’s AI accelerator chip.”

The right match

Together the companies accelerate innovation and time to market for customers wanting world-class edge AI capabilities that differentiate new products. Some customers are new to AI, and this partnership will help those customers exploit AI on new device projects. Other companies have some AI experience but need to upgrade AI accelerators, improve designs or add new capabilities.

“Working with customers, we’ve learned that AI implementations are optimized best when companies bring “best-in-breed” solutions together," said Kimble Dong, co-founder, and CEO of Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. “Our accelerator chips enable great design choices for device makers, and partners like Sensory leverage the chips in ways that delight customers with the convenience of fast access combined with peace-of-mind of reliable biometric security.”

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