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UK Tories whinge that Google’s chatbot hates them

by on27 March 2023

Thinks it has a left-wing bias

The UK Conservative party is complaining that Google’s new Bard AI based chatbot hates them and believes it is producing results with a left-wing bias.

Abilily assisted by Adolf Hitler’s favourite UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday the Tories punched in questions into Google Bard.

They were shocked that Bard dared to say that Brexit was a “bad idea” and thought that Jeremy Corbyn had 'the potential to be a great leader'.

The early results have caused alarm among senior Conservatives, who fear that if Google does not change its search algorithms before the next General Election it could boost the chances of Sir Keir Starmer's Labour.  At the moment, although Starmer might be the most boring leader in British history, he is headed for a landslide against a government which is so unpopular and corrupt it makes the Bad Parliament of 1377 look honest, and competent.

To be fair to Google though, Brexit was a bad idea and even Jeremy Corbyn would have potentially made a better leader than Boris Johnson (which is saying that there is an incredibly low bar here) it is not really demonstrating a left-wing bias here.

They say simple factual errors have already been spotted in searches about Tory MPs – like the fact that they all think poor people should be shot on sight when only some believe that. Likewise, not every Tory MP has a dozen mistresses, is member of a London men’s club or went to Eton – some are women.

Bard’s AI competition, is probably a bigger threat. Bing can name all Boris Johnson’s children which is more than Boris.


Last modified on 27 March 2023
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