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Google nicked ChatGPT’s data

by on30 March 2023

Stolen models

Search engine outfit Google has been accused of nicking data from ChatGPT AI, which is itself often alleged to have borrowed data from websites and artists to build its AI models.

ChatGPT is powering Bing Chat search features, owing to an exclusive contract between Microsoft and OpenAI. This gave Microsoft a major boost over Google by adding AI to its setup first, and making its Bing search actually useful.

Google’s "Bard" chatbot was supposed to be a counter-attack which turned out to be carried out with all the skill and ability of the Russian military.

Now according to TheInformation a "prominent" AI researcher at Google has resigned after warning that Google's own Bard system has been using information from OpenAI's ChatGPT without authorisation. 

Jacob Devlin has since joined OpenAI to work on ChatGPT, after discovering that Google was "heavily" relying on information from ShareGPT, a website that parses conversations made with OpenAI's chat models.

Devlin was concerned that Google was violating OpenAI's terms of service by using the data in this way. It could potentially open Google up to lawsuits if confirmed.

What is starting to happen is that Bing and Google are feeding each other misinformation.


Last modified on 30 March 2023
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