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Musk claims to developing his own AI

by on17 April 2023

Oh look another shiny thing

Supreme Twit Elon [look at me]  Musk has created a new company dedicated to artificial intelligence presumably because his move into right-wing social media by buying Twitter sank faster than the Titanic. 

X.AI was incorporated last month and has Musk as its director and Jared Birchall, the director of Musk's family office, listed as its secretary. According to the Verge, Musk incorporated the business on 9 March. 

To be fair, Musk has been doing the project on the quiet, without the usual fanfare or claims that everyone will have a product by next Tuesday, and it will be brilliant.

But what is typically "Musk" in the news is that after getting into AI and walking away because he did not feel like the idea had legs, he signed a letter calling for a six-month pause in developing systems more powerful than OpenAI's newly launched GPT-4 due to the "potential risks to society."

"Powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable," said the letter.

"AI stresses me out," Musk said.  But it might be that his call for a six-month moratorium might have been less to do with saving humanity and more about giving him time to catch up. 

Business Insider revealed that Musk had purchased thousands of graphic processing units (GPUs) to power an upcoming generative AI product. The Financial Times similarly reported that Musk planned to create an AI firm to compete with the Microsoft-backed OpenAI. Musk even reportedly sought funding from SpaceX and Tesla investors to get the company started.
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