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Gartner group says search engines will go the way of the dodo

by on05 March 2024

AI bots will be a quarter of all searches by 2026 

Beancounters at Gartner group have added up some numbers, divided by their shoe size, and predicted that search engines will lose a quarter of their users by 2026 as AI chatbots and other virtual agents steal their thunder.

They said that tech marketers will have to change their game plan, as AI solutions will give people the answers they want without them having to type anything in Google or Bing.

Big G beancounter Alan Antin said organic and paid search is crucial for tech marketers who want to get noticed and sell their stuff. But AI solutions were taking over, and they can answer people's questions better than search engines. Companies must rethink how they reach their customers as AI becomes more common in every part of the business.

He said that quality and authenticity will be essential as virtual agents replace traditional search with AI, making it cheaper to produce content, and there will be more competition for keywords and website rankings. Search engines will have to value the quality of content more to weed out the rubbish that AI churns out. Content must be valuable and trustworthy to succeed in organic search results.

There will also be more pressure to prove that the content is genuine and not fake. Governments worldwide are already cracking down on content that AI creates and making companies label it clearly. This will affect how search engines show such content.

Antin said: "Companies must focus on making unique content that customers and potential customers want. Content should show that they have expertise, experience, authority and trust."

Last modified on 05 March 2024
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