Machine-learning can spot fake chemistry papers
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Unless they do a deal 

A machine-learning tool can easily spot when chemistry papers are written using the chatbot ChatGPT, according to a scientific study.

Big Tech uses energy-optimised machine-learning
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We are going to save the planet

Tech’s biggest names are teaming up with boffins to develop energy-optimised machine-learning and quantum-computing systems under the MIT AI Hardware Programme.

Machine learning is speeding up battery development
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Fixing slow experimentation problems

One of the problems with battery development is that it is taking place at a snails pace and promised advances never make it to products.

TSMC jumps in to save Moore’s Law
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Thursday, 15 August 2019 22:37

TSMC jumps in to save Moore’s Law

2500 mm2 interposer and 5nm N5P EUV to the rescue

Usually, it is Intel which talks about Moore’s Law, but this time our long-time industry friend Godfrey Cheng at TSMC talked about potential and the future of the world’s finest manufacturing facility.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 660 and 630
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14nm and Kryo for mainstream

Qualcomm has gained a lot of momentum and managed to gain market share in the mainstream from MediaTek and others and the company has just announced the Snapdragon 660 and 630 that will help it to succeed in the future. 

Google makes major leap forward with new Tensor Processing Unit
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Accelerator will move Moore’s Law forward by seven years

On Wednesday at Google’s annual I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, the company went forward and announced a revolutionary new processing accelerator unit for machine learning that is now expected to move a recently-slowing Moore’s Law forward by at least three chip generations, or seven years.