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MSI's Hydra gets DX11 support

by on14 April 2010


Some additional tweaks

MSI and Lucid have issued a new driver, version 1.5.106, for its Hydra equipped motherboard, the Big Bang Fuzion, that gives it quite a few neat new tweaks and some additional performance boost.

The new driver is definitely something that MSI needed. Although the Big Bang Fuzion did work, the performance and some other things were not that impressive. The new driver brings support for DirectX 11, 3-way Multi GPU combinations with either Nvidia or ATI, extended game compatibility including many Triple A titles, and much needed performance increase.

The titles include bunch of DirectX 11-enabled games like BattleForge, STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Dirt 2 and Metro 2033.

The new driver brings some quite neat performance improvements as cards now scale much better in both N-mode (SLI), A-mode (CrossfireX) and the X-mode (mixed). Thankfully, this isn't the end as MSI and Lucid will continue to work on new drivers and features and have promised support for Nvidia's GTX 400 series by the time these hit "mass availability". (So they have plenty of time to fiddle with them. sub.ed.)

You can find the new driver here.


Last modified on 14 April 2010
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