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Intel Lynx Chipset features 25 percent lower TDP

by on19 July 2012

Haswell 2013 and Broadwell 2014 support

Intel is really serious about getting its TDP levels down with every generation. Despite the current enthusiasm for ARM tablets, Intel still has quite a lot to offer in mobile space, especially in notebooks and convertible ultrabooks.

The next generation scheduled for mid-2013 codenamed Haswell is a second-generation 22nm part with the Lynx chipset that has 25 percent lower TDP and 50 percent lower average power consumption than the current Panther Point chipset. These numbers are projected and not based on actual data measured in real life tests, so in the end they might deviate a somewhat from the projections.

Intel also brings a power optimizer CPPM part that should help to drive the power requirements further down. The most interesting part is that Lynx chipset also has support for 15nm Broadwell chipset that is expected by mid-2014 timeframe.

Intel advertises this chipset as the lowest power and the most feature rich one to date. It sure looks interesting and supports all the latest technologies you can imagine including 4 SATA 6Gb/s, 6 USB 3.0, up to 8 PCIe 1X Gen 2, the ability to interconnect easily with Intel Clarkwill GbE PHY, Wilkins Peak Wimax, Intel HD audio, VGA, a lot of RAID functionality, Intel Active Management Technology 9.0, Rapid start and smart response and many other goodies.

Ultrabooks and notebooks in the latter half of 2013 will sure look feature packed.

Last modified on 19 July 2012
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