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Intel chooses Jerusalem for self-driving tests

by on17 May 2018

Because it's difficult

Part of Intel's attempt to re-engineer its business is getting into the self-driving business and now its Mobileye division said it has chosen Jerusalem to test its technology.

According to Professor Amnon Shashua, it has introduced the first phase of its 100-car fleet to see if the vehicles can cope with the “challenging and aggressive” traffic in the city.

The experiment will be followed by similar tests in the United States and elsewhere, said Shashua.

He claims that while the Intel-Mobileye experiment isn't the first to hit the tarmac, it is the most “efficient and effective”.

Because Mobileye wants to prove its system is 1,000 times safer than cars driven by people.  

Some reasons Intel chose Jerusalem is because the city is “notorious” for aggressive driving, has imperfectly market roads, and it has comlicated junctions.  People there often don't use pedestrian crossings.

The fleet uses 12 360 degree cameras with eight of them giving a long range surround view and four for parking. The system specs use four Mobileye SoC chips. The aim is to have systems in series production in level four and level five vehicles by 2021.

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