Start-ups plan to replace long haul trucks
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Truckers to become an endangered species

Truckers might become an endangered species if several US start-ups get their way.

Apple once again gives up on automous driving
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Lays off  more than 200 from Project Titan

Despite the claims of the Tame Apple Press, Apple is not trying to create a super, cool, game changing self-driving car.

EU decides you will not own your self-driving car data
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Bought to you by the same party that broke the internet

A routine vote on regulations for self-driving cars saw members of the European Peoples' Party vote down a clause that would protect a vehicle's telemetry so that it couldn't become someone's property.

Google self-drives into China
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Friday, 24 August 2018 12:42

Google self-drives into China

Look right, but Waymo looks left

Google's subsidiary Waymo has set up a company in Shanghai in the wake of controversy over its attempt to introduce a censorious version of its search engine in China.

Apple signs deal with VW
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Friday, 25 May 2018 11:04

Apple signs deal with VW

Fruity cargo cult will work with Hitler's favourite car company

The super-green Apple will work alongside a European car maker which has been fined for fiddling its emission ratings to take control of its employee's self-driving shuttles.

Intel chooses Jerusalem for self-driving tests
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Because it's difficult

Part of Intel's attempt to re-engineer its business is getting into the self-driving business and now its Mobileye division said it has chosen Jerusalem to test its technology.

Uber ordered to take its self-driving cars off the road
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Failed to keep people safe

After failing to meet an expectation that it would prioritise public safety as it tested its self-driving technology, Uber has been ordered to take its self-driving cars off Arizona roads.

Google abandoned features which gave drivers control
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They were not awake enough

Google’s self-driving car unit Waymo abandoned developing features that required drivers to take control in dangerous situations because drivers tended to nod off when in auto-pilot mode and were not ready to take over.

Nvidia joins Volvo-based self-driving car consortium
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Level Four self-driving by self-driving by 2021

Autoliv and Volvo Car Corporation, with Zenuity, a newly-formed automotive software development joint venture equally owned by Autoliv and Volvo, will work together with Nvidia to develop next generation self-driving car technologies.

Apple gets self-driving car testing licence
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Don’t hold your breath

The Tame Apple Press was over the moon this morning after it was revealed that the fruity cargo cult has got a licence to test self-driving cars.