Nvidia RTX card shortage expected throughout the year
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Nvidia's spokesperson just confirmed

Nvidia has addressed a few questions regarding its record Q4/FY2021 financial conference call mentioned in detail here, and gave some updates on the GPU shortage, and mentioned the mining card strategy.

Tremont 10nm mobile and desktop detailed
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Tuesday, 08 September 2020 14:17

Tremont 10nm mobile and desktop detailed

Pentium and Celeron in laptops and desktops in 2021

What we used to call Atom will continue to be known as Pentium and Celeron in affordable laptops and small form desktop computers coming in 2021.

The Apple 2021 notebook chip is A14X iPad based
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Bloomberg has rekindled news that Apple has been working on its own chip, and many covered the news claiming that 2021 iPads will get an iPhone chip. Well, they won't as it would not be that powerful to put a 2W TDP chip in a notebook, and instead, the modified version of A14X iPad chip will find its place to the Macbooks of the future. We got a few details confirmed.

Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon speaks on global 5G
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2.2B covered by the end of 2020

Part of the recent chat we had with Cristiano Amon president of Qualcomm and Executive Vice President of BMW, Dr. Christoph Grote, included Cristiano’s confirmation that by the end of 2020 2.2 billion people will have 5G coverage.

Intel expects 7nm in 2021
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Thursday, 09 May 2019 12:29

Intel expects 7nm in 2021

7nm data center GPU confirmed

Intel has provided a financial analyst community update about its 10nm and, it even mentioned 7nm for 2021, touching beyond that. The first 7nm from Intel seems to be a 7nm general purpose GPU.

ARM has a new infrastructure roadmap
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Wednesday, 17 October 2018 17:32

ARM has a new infrastructure roadmap

Neoverse 7nm, 7+ and 5nm by 2021

Drew Henry, an SVP and the general manager of the infrastructure line of business at ARM, went on stage at the San Jose ARM Tech 2018 conference and revealed a new roadmap featuring new codenames and plans all the way to 5nm Poseidon core in 2021. It will be branded as Neoverse.

Qualcomm 5G enabled cars to arrive in 2021
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Qualcomm CEO confirms

5G is just around the corner in the phone form factor and Qualcomm has now said that OEM devices can be expected in early 2019.