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More than half of Germans play video games
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Average age is 37

More than half of Germans play computer and video games according to new figures out from the German Games Industry Association.

Apple forced to reveal how many people suffered from XCodeGhost
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Turns out it was more than a few

As part of the trial against Epic Games, Apple released emails that show that 128 million users, of which 18 million were in the US, downloaded apps containing malware known as XCodeGhost from the App Store.

Sennheiser flogs consumer electronics division
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Ironically to an outfit which specialised in hearing care

Snazzy sound machine maker Sennheiser has sold its consumer electronics division to a Swiss company called Sonova that specialises in hearing care, it has announced.

A lithium battery crisis looms
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Mining falling behind

The mining of lithium is falling behind the demand for millions of batteries, both to drive electric vehicles and to store wind and solar power on the grid.

Torvalds says Apple chips not ready for Linux yet
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Apple fanboy dismayed he will not join the cult

IT’s Mr Sweary Linus Torvalds appears to have disappointed an Apple fanboy interviewer by playing down Apple’s new ARM64 chips.