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City of Siena attacks Gran Turismo 5

by on23 August 2010

Virtual ownership issues
A historic walled city in Italy is extremely unhappy of their Piazza del Campo being featured in Gran Turismo 5. Nevertheless, it’s not the mere issue of the location being used, but rather in-game flags depicting various Siena city districts.

Sony will apparently be diplomatically asked to resolve this issue, meaning the company will probably have to pull the level or at least redesign the level to Siena’s liking. If this fails to happen, the city may resort to legal means.

We’ve heard a fair share of silly things over the years as various forms of political correctness have threatened to ruin many a game. This time however, we’re not talking about whether it’s wrong to play a Taliban in multiplayer nor whether it’s correct to call a weapon H-bomb and distribute the game in Japan – it’s only a few flags so where’s the fire?

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Last modified on 23 August 2010
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