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2 million copies of F1 2010 out

by on22 September 2010

Codemasters hopeful for big sales
With over 2 million copies of F1 2010 having been shipped to retailers, Codemasters is in the middle of its biggest launch ever for a single title. The launch needs to have good sales, as the licensing rights were not cheap. Beyond the numbers, the launch does seem to indicate that Codemasters might be turning the corner.

The early buzz on F1 2010 is good, and the steady stream of reviews have led to a metacritic rating of 86, which does seem to confirm that the game is good. Of course, strong reviews only help to sell games, and the company hopes that it will do well in some of the non-traditional F1 markets (such as the U.S.) where F1 isn’t necessarily as popular.

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