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Take-Two next to deal with used copies

by on23 September 2010

No details yet, but likely to follow EA’s lead
As we have suspected previously, publisher Take-Two Interactive is likely to be the next publisher to follow the lead of Electronic Arts and THQ by dealing with the used market space. The news didn’t actually reveal exactly what strategy Take-Two will follow, but it is likely that they will use a code/voucher system to activate additional game features for those that purchase new copies of a title, while those who buy used copies will have to buy a DLC unlock online to access the additional features.

Speaking at the recent Think Equity conference, the CEO of Take-Two, Ben Feder, held his cards close and would not reveal any specifics on how or when the move would take place.  It stands to reason that it could be done with the upcoming titles that Take-Two has on the slate for the remainder of this year, but sources suggest that it could be early next year before the company puts this move into action.

Although they have admitted evaluating it, both Ubisoft and Atari are expected to move in this direction, as well. It seems that despite the outcry from used game buyers over losing online play, it has not yet been severe enough to motivate publishers to rethink their strategy going forward.

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