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Old Republic MMO to arrive after April 2011

by on01 December 2010

Still apparently a guess at an actual ship date
As time has dragged on with the development of the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, the Bioware-developed title still has no official ship date. While we don’t have an exact date to tell you about, what we can tell is that it will not ship till at least April of 2011, which is fiscal 2012 for Electronic Arts.

The news represents the first official target, or maybe an official guess on when it might arrive. This news does seem to reflect the belief of many that the game will see a spring 2011 release, and dashes the hopes that the project (which is described by EA as the largest project that the publisher has ever done), will have a first quarter 2011 release.

EA has taken over all of the publishing and distribution rights for The Old Republic MMO earlier this month after working out an arrangement with LucasArts. Details of the specifics of this arrangement are unknown.

The hopes for the title are quite high, and many are sold on what the title is said to be able to deliver. Only time will tell if EA and Bioware will be able to deliver on the high expectations that people seem to have for the title.

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