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HD Halo remake talk continues

by on02 December 2010

Nothing to say on the subject right now
Rumors continue that Microsoft is apparently planning an HD remake of the original Halo Combat Evolved for the Xbox 360. If you happen to believe all the whispers that have been going around, 343 Industries is said to be working on it using the Halo Reach engine.

It comes as no surprise that Microsoft, when confronted with all of the rumors had nothing to say on the subject; but they did stop short of actually denying the possibility that the rumors are accurate. So far, Microsoft is quoted as delivering their standard, “We have nothing to announce at this time,” line that PR folks are ever so good at spouting.

Whispers are claiming that the project stems from a desire to re-make the first Halo title and update it with HD graphics to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Halo’s arrival on the original Xbox platform. It could be nothing more than wishful thinking, but it is possible that it could be something that Microsoft is at least considering. We suspect that right now it is likely nothing more than talk; but you never know.

Hard to tell where this one will land in the end, but if Microsoft were to announce that a HD Halo remake was coming next year we suspect that you would hear about it an announcement at CES at the earliest. However, an E3 announcement is more likely if it is going to happen.

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