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Crytek to deal with Crysis 2 cheats

by on01 April 2011

Will remove exploits and use the ban hammer
Crytek knows that people are cheating in Crysis 2 and they are not at all happy about it. The developer is working on a number of fronts to deal with the problem. The developer is working hard to get rid of exploits and to issue patches to close them out for good.

The developer is also warning that they are going to be swinging the “ban hammer” and they are going to land with both feet on those that are cheating, according to a recent blog post. The developer plans to penalize individuals that continue to choose to use exploits and they want to keep the integrity of the game intact and cheat free. The will be coming down hard and without any additional warnings.

Recently Crytek released a patch that killed the auto-aim feature and added a new anti-cheat system for PC players. The company is planning a series of updates for all platforms to address potential cheating and exploit issues. Crytek does not appear to be playing around, and they seem very serious about dealing with these issues. Cheaters beware!

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