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Sega to celebrate 20 years of Sonic

by on19 April 2011

Will release Generations this holiday season
Sega is going into celebration mode with an announcement that to celebrate 20 years of Sonic they are releasing a new Sonic title to be called Sonic Generations.

Generations will combine classic 2D and modern 3D gameplay into a new title that will be available for both the Xbox 360, as well as the PlayStation 3. The title include levels inspired by the original levels that appeared in Sonic games from all of the platforms. The game promises a number of innovative features, but at the same time offers an experience that those who grew up playing Sonic can relate to.

The news of a new Sonic titles finds the blue hedgehog at a crossroads after experiencing some success recently with the release of the new reimagined 2D HD version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, and some not so successful past Sonic releases.

Sega is looking for a hit here with Generations, and they are hopeful that the combination of the past with the platform power of the present can translate into some sales for the publisher. Look for it to arrive at retail this holiday season.

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