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Bodycount not as bad as suggested

by on19 September 2011

Reviewers might have gotten it wrong
Over the weekend we spent a significant time playing the Codemasters release of Bodycount. Despite the less than stellar reviews from multiple sources earning a Metacritic rating of 53 out of 100, we still wanted to experience what was to be the spiritual successor to Black from the original Xbox.

We can’t say that the game does not borrow heavily from other titles including recent releases such as Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Brink, and many classic FPS titles from the past. We have to admit that although the game was not as original as we might have liked, it certainly was not the worst game that we have played recently; in fact, we found the gameplay to be quite entertaining, but far from perfect.

While the game has graphics that are not going to set any new standards and the game play feels quite arcade like and the AI can be dumber than a box of rocks, it still isn’t as bad as many are making it out to be. To us, it does not feel like the spiritual successor to Black, and perhaps that was too lofty of a challenge to be attached to this game.

Nonetheless, in our opinion it seems to deserve a much better fate that it is destined for. At bargain prices it might be worth picking up and playing if you are a fan of FPS titles in general.

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