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Shortcuts offered for Battlefield 3

by on28 March 2012

Spend money to get better weapons

We have confirmed that as a part of the latest mega-Battlefield 3 patch that was just released for the PlayStation 3 (and coming soon for the Xbox 360 and PC) it will have short cut items for purchase.

Yes, that’s right:  from Battlefield 3 you will be able to purchase short cut bundles that allow you to upgrade to all of those unlocks without earning them. We call it pay to get better weapons, if you know what we mean.

The three bundles include a Kit Shortcut Bundle, Vehicle Shortcut Bundle, and the Ultimate Bundle, which unlock all items from all other shortcut packs. While some are going to complain, we have to admit that it isn’t surprising that EA and DICE have offered it as an option. It does take a lot of time and commitment to unlock all those items.

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