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Durango to pack 16 core CPU

by on11 April 2012


IBM Power PC

Xbox World has reported that Microsoft’s next generation console, a.k.a. Durango or Xbox 720, will run on a 16-core CPU.

Microsoft allegedly sent Durango devkits to developers after meetings in London. While the aesthetics aren’t a finished deal, XBW claims that the hardware inside is what we could expect to see in a next gen console.

Apparently, Durango runs on a 16-core IBM Power PC CPU, which may even overshoot next-gen demands. However, certain things such as motion sensing technology tend to be quite resource hungry, especially when talking about multiplayer games, so the additional juice certainly won’t go to waste.

As far as graphics goes, we heard it will be based on AMD’s HD 7000 series and Durango will have two GPUs at its disposal. The GPUs are said to work in a more independent mode than CrossFire or SLI.

Additionally, XBW said that dev teams are keen on showcasing their next-gen software at E3, regardless of whether Sony and Microsoft are ready.

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Last modified on 11 April 2012
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