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Quake 4 to be re-released

by on12 April 2012


Bethesda to offer it at lower price

Quake 4 is going to be re-released by Bethesda for the PC and Xbox 360. The new (although somewhat strange) release is confirmed. Both the PC and the Xbox 360 version will be sold for a $19.99 price tag when it arrives for its North American re-launch on June 19th.

While Quake 4 was released back in 2005 for the PC, it didn’t arrive for the Xbox 360 platform until a bit later. The thing is that while the PC version enjoyed a good amount of success, the 360 version suffered from frame rate issues that really impacted the playability of the game.

Although several patches were released for Quake 4 on the Xbox 360, the game never did seem to find its groove as it did with the PC release. One attractive part of purchasing Quake 4 for the Xbox 360, however, was that it included Quake 2 as part of the release; and many commented that this was the best part of the 360 Quake 4 offering.

Bethesda has not confirmed if any fixes to the frame rate issues are addressed in the re-release or not, but we rather doubt it. In addition, we are not sure if the re-released version for the 360 will include Quake 2 or not. Currently, the re-release is only scheduled for release in North America, but a European re-release at some point in the future isn’t out of the question.

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