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Pricing a concern for Wii U

by on15 June 2012

Wii U

So much so that it almost dropped 2nd screen

While Nintendo still has not announced the price for the Wii U, analysts that we have spoken with have expressed significant concern over the pricing of the unit. Analysts are not the only ones concerned about the price of the Wii U; Nintendo is also.

In fact, Nintendo was so concerned about price that at one point during the development of the Wii U, the company seriously considering dropping the second screen as a way to reduce costs. The Wii U’s Game Pad is expensive and could potentially be one of the most expensive controllers that have ever been produced.

Of course, Nintendo now believes after much time and investment in research and development that it can produce the Wii U at a competitive price that consumers are willing to pay. Still, those we have spoken with are not so sure.

Some compromises had to be made for the unit to reach its price target, whatever Nintendo believes that to be. However, it is evident that the unit isn’t going to be cheap no matter how Nintendo spins it. The company has had to balance a number of things to make it work. There is the cost of another Wii U Game Pad and the Pro Controller, which will be sold separately; these certainly will be an extra expense that most will likely embrace.

Nintendo is expected to confirm pricing as they head into the holiday season, and sources tell us that we should expect them to wait till the last second to do so. Some analysts tell us, however, that they believe the unit price will have to hover near $300 when it launches.

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