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First Unreal Engine 4 title will be Fortnight

by on13 July 2012

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Epic confirms it, to no surprise

Epic confirmed at Comic-Con that the release of Fortnight would be the first game to use the Unreal Engine 4. The news is not an eye opener, as Epic will want something new to show off Unreal Engine 4, and what a better way than with the release of Fortnight?

The game will arrive next year, and it is billed as a PC co-op survival game where players scavenge for items within the environment to obtain food and resources to build a shelter to keep the zombies out. At night, players will defend their outpost and during the day they will look to build upon it.

The PC is the primary platform for Fortnight, with releases on the next generation of consoles expected at some point in the future. The game is expected to arrive in 2014, but release details will remain a mystery until the game is closer to ready for release.

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