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Xbox 360 holiday bundles coming

by on16 October 2012


Microsoft to also cut $50 on these bundles

As is the norm, Microsoft will be offering a couple of holiday bundles this holiday season. In addition these two holiday bundles are getting slashed $50 off the price by Microsoft. From what our sources tell us, Microsoft is offering these same bundles to all retailers, but there will be some other console options out there, such as the Microsoft Halo 4 Limited Edition console, for example that will continue to carry the regular asking price.

The first holiday bundle package is the 4GB Kinect package. The 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle will include a flat black Xbox 360 console with 4GB of built-in flash memory, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Disneyland, as well as a single wireless controller and wired headset.

The second holiday bundle includes the flat black Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive, one wireless controller, wired headset, Forza 4, and a download token for Skyrim. Users have to redeem the download token and download Skyrim to the hard drive which, of course, takes storage space.

You can have either of these holiday bundles for $299, which is a $50 savings over the $349 regular price that we have been seeing regularly. According to what sources are telling us, Microsoft will not be cutting the price of the Xbox 360 4GB core package by $50 which is what many have been hoping for. In addition, the price cuts might only be temporary and could revert back to their original pricing as soon as February 1st.

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