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360 Nexuiz servers get plug pulled

by on01 March 2013

Illfonic will keep PC servers up and running

As the sale of the final THQ assets are sold, word is reaching us the servers hosting THQ titles will be affected; the first of which we are hearing about is the Xbox 360 servers for Nexuiz was shut down. Apparently, the shutdown of the servers came with no real warning.

These are not the only servers that are likely to be impacted. Servers for Homeworld, Darksiders, Red Faction and Nexuiz could be impacted, as these are titles that did not sell in the first THQ auction.

The developer of Nexuiz, Illfonic, says that they will keep the PC servers up and going, but this is because they control these servers and runs them itself. THQ was responsible for running the Xbox 360 servers, so there isn’t anything it can really do about it. While they could obtain control and shoulder the cost of the servers for the Xbox 360, it isn’t justified at the moment with no revenue coming in from the Xbox 360 version.

It is expected that Nexuiz will be taken down from the XBLA for purchase if it has not been removed already.

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