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Free-to-play C&C canned

by on30 October 2013

Fan dissatisfaction with alpha contributed

Electronic Arts has decided to close Victory Games. The LA based studio was developing the new free-to-play Command & Conquer which was current in alpha testing. To say that the alpha testing wasn’t going well appears to be an understatement at best. Feedback from this alpha testing led to the decision to kill the game off and close the studio. While it was not perhaps the sole cause according to our sources, it certainly didn’t help the situation.

With the cancellation of this free-to-play C&C, it marks the fifth time that EA has elected to kill a C&C title offer while it was still in development. EA claims that the feedback from the alpha was clear, in the fact that the company isn’t making the game people want to play. EA claims that they are committed and determined to get it right and will look at the best way to get the C&C franchise back on track.

Victory Games had been working on the new C&C title since February of 2011. The studio was created by EA to focus solely on strategy games with C&C being its singular focus. EA says that it is working to find homes for the talented developers at Victory in other studios inside of EA’s family.

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